Politics of Privacy

Recommendation of Commissioner of Personal Data Preservation

FIBANK in conform to the personal data protection provided by the Constitute of the Republic of Albania and in conform to the law No.9887 date 10.03.2008 "On personal data protection" guarantees the confidentiality of client information as follows:

  1. FIBANK ensures confidentiality with respect to personal data and customer information. Certain security measures are implemented to prevent data loss, illegal use and illegal and unauthorized. FIBANK is responsible for the implementation of these measures in all automatic processing or other data tools.

  2. FIBANK not transmit personal data to third persons unless the customer has expressly given consent to such a thing, or in cases where such a thing is necessary for the service provision. FIBank is obliged pursuant to the legal requirements to give personal data competent authorities upon their request.

  3. In cases where it is necessary to make disposal client information as per point 2, the Bank ensures the client that everything is in proportion with the law.

  4. The Bank's obligation for preservation of confidentiality of client's personal data shall remain in force even after the interruption of the relation between bank and the client, not more then 5 years.

  5. FIBANK consent and approval of the data subject in any case that it processes its own data. Fibank collects data of users of the site with the aim of making services available electronically to the application of credit card, loan, e-banking services, job application form, etc. Personal data sent through email sent voluntarily to the addresses specified on this site will only be processed by the bank and in accordance with the purpose for which they were sent.

  6. It is the individual's right to data which reject the use of personal data at any time. Individuals are entitled to obtain at any time for information processing or not of their personal data, to know their content and origin as well as to refuse consent given at any time. Individuals have the right to request cancellation, blocking, correcting information and data, and in any case to oppose, for legitimate reasons, their processing.

  7. These privacy policies do not cover links between this site and other sites. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of other websites you visit as Fibank is not responsible for the conditions applied in these pages.

  8. If you think your privacy has been violated, you can contact me at any time at one of our branches to the addresses given on the website, through the telephone number of 0035542275722 and electronic address. The persons responsible would be willing to offer you the assistance required.

Cookies (cookies) are not used for the transmission of personal data and no cookies of any kind and no other system is not used to track users. Using cookie-ve session (which are not stored continuously in the user's computer and dismantled the closing of the website browser) is limited to the transmission of information to identify the session (consisting of random numbers generated by server) which is needed to enable safe and efficient search on the website.


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