Consumer loan "Limited Offer"

Consumer loan "Limited Offer" is the current offer and gives you the advantage to finance your current necessities:

  • Buy furniture
  • Reconstruct your apartment, house or car
  • Buy home appliances
  • Pay your tuition fees or books
  • Buy a holiday or an excursion package
  • Treatment
  • Cover current unexpected expenses
  • Organize family ceremonies - weddings, birthdays, family meetings etc.

At the most preferential terms:

  • Financing up to 1 000 000 ALL
  • Only with guarantors
  • The longest term in the market
  • The lowest monthly installment
  • Equal monthly installments for efficient planning of your monthly budget
  • Fast evaluation and approval process

Parameters of the product:

Maximum loan amount
 Up to 1 000 000 ALL
Maximum tenure
 up to 84 months
  • Up to 250 000 ALL - no personal guarantor
  • From 250 001 ALL up to 500 000 ALL - one personal guarantor ( if he/she is married then the guarantor will be the spouse or otherwise someone else accepted from the bank)
  • From 500 001 ALL to 1 000 000 ALL - two personal guarantors two personal guarantors ( if he/she is married then one of the guarantors will be the spouse and the other guarantor will be someone else accepted from the bank)
Annual Interest rate
  • ALL: TBILLS12M + points not less than 11.75 %
  • ALL: TBILLS12M + points not less than 10.75% - for all the clients tha take salaries in Fibank
  • Equal monthly (annuity) installments
Loan Application and processing fee  Free
Management commission
  •  1.50% 
  • 1.00% for the client who take their salaries in FIBANK

Early repayment Fee

 As per tariff,
Renegotiation commission


Additional product offered Credit card VISA Classic Category A, subject of evaluation
Precontractual Information


You can apply for this product if:

  • You are an Albanian citizen
  • You are employed or self-employed with a yearly turnover not less than 5 000 000 ALL

If you cover the points above and would like to apply for a consumer loan in FIBANK, it is necessary to:

  1. To fulfill an application form in one of the branches of FIBANK and to submit the required documents
  2. In case of approval of the application form - to sign the loan agreement and use the funds as per purpose declared to the Bank

Personal documents for applicant, co-applicant, guarantor:

  • Copy of the ID card or the passport
  • Address verification (certificate of address registration; or "OSHSE"/"Albtelekom" passbooks; last month invoice or property certificate)
  • Verification of the income issued by the employer and a bank statement where the salary is transferred for the last 6 months or respectively the booklet for social and health insurance paid; or documents for self-employed as below:
    • QKR extract for the sole trader;
    • Declaration of annual income at the tax office; P&L; Balance sheet
    • Bank payment orders for tax, health and social insurance due.
  • In case of other exposures - contracts with the other banks, institutions etc.

Terms and Conditions (Tariff) of First Investment Bank

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